Watermelon “Cake”


Watermelon Car Cake

With all the fresh local fruit and hot days, this is the perfect cake for a summer birthday, or just for fun!  Using a watermelon body, canteloupe bumpers, kiwi wheels, cherry blueberry driver and passenger, blueberry stripes,  raspberry soft top and lights and you have yourself a healthy and tasty car cake! I used toothpicks to hold it together (please remember to remove them when serving).

 Fresh, fun and kid friendly; it’s a great family project. Not to mention if you have a party coming up with guests that are on different diets (vegan, gluten free, nut free, etc) this one should suit everyone!

Depending on the size of car or train you want to make will depend on the size of watermelon you choose.  I suggest choosing a large one, with an oval shape.  Cut one end off so you can put the flat surface on the cutting board and “stand it up”.  You can then “peel” it with a knife preserving the shape.  Then carve away to make your shape.  This car or train body is a large rectangular shape with a smaller rectangle for the “cab” on top.  Have fun!